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                                    My name is Margarita Etournaud (aka Firestormwing - mfe - Firi)


                                   Entirely self taught, I have always loved working with my hands.                                             

                                          Fursuits started in 2012 when i didn't even know that fursuits were a thing,

                                  let alone a community. My first fursuit was a  one off sort of quadsuit. I really loved

                                   making it but never thought of it as a job option and only made 3 in 2016 and 1 in 2017.


                                   After many different jobs , as a carer, in childcare, reception work etc...I missed

my creative side . Fortunately, in December 2017, I fell back into it thanks to some little felt mice starting as gifts for family which   snowballed as the leftovers were bought quickly and I made more ,starting the Menagerie of Felt Enchantments.


Personal difficulties end of 2018 and early 2019 stopped me in my tracks. I very slowly got going again creating R.A.T.S & F.Y.S. realising that i needed fursuits and rats.  Unfortunately Covid scuttled the launch of R.A.T.S which had to be rebooted in 2021.


For these last few years i have juggled jobs and my creative side  but am now able to focus even more on my creations.


The process of learning how to make fursuits that reach the desired quality takes time..  but I am getting there. In September 2021 I finally registered for and got my business license which covers all my creations because they all concern animals and a shared need to serve as comfort.



         Whether you wish to commission or you simply admire my work , any support is greatly appreciated! And i am not only talking about financial aid though that would obviously be of great help , see below for donations or to become a patron on Ko-Fi!


Now, if you haven't got the means to donate, there are many other free ways to help, likes and especially comments on my social networks help a lot to show there is interaction which is important according to instagram and youtube algorithm! Any encouraging messages always warms the soul!!


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