Is there an age limit to commissioning?

Yes, you must be over 18 years old to commission from me as contracts must be filled and signed and payments ( or plans) made.

Are these creations suitable  for children?


Apart from maybe the clothing and accessories  from R.A.T.S, my creations are not suitable for children. On a legal front to be acceptable , items and materials need to be certified for children , which mine are not.


Fursuits are a safety hazard as there is risks of overheating , reduced breathability , hearing or vision let alone risks of allergies, claustrophobia etc


My small mice decorations are made with small items which could be choking hazards for small children.


All my creations are made of synthetic materials which can also be considered fire hazards, though like pretty much most common clothing, this still has to be noted.



Order procedure

Before ordering please confirm that you have noALLERGIES to cats, rats or dogs. I have a cat 3 rats who do not touch the materials but their fur does fly around. Please contact me for a quote at  for any enquiries or a quote.

Can I cancel an order?

Comissions can be cancelled but refunds will vary on state of advancement in the creation.

the initial downpayment of 30% is absolutely non refundable , the 20% part to start work generally would not be refundable as it covers material expenses which i do buy fairly swiftly after contract is established.

Important Terms and conditions

You must be over 18 to comission any order.


Creations are made on comission or as premades. the premades already have their set price which must be made in full immediately for all items under 500 euros . Payment plans can be established for over 500 euro pieces


Comissions must be requested via email or by filling out the appropriate forms.

Contracts will be created after quote is established and accepted by both parties.

For all comissions signing contract establishes that I will build your order and that a 30% deposit must be payed immediately (1 week margin to pay)and is non refundable. Any delays in payment must be discussed beforehand and detailed in contract. I will not start planning, working or buying supplies until this deposit is payed. Without this first payment contract and slot will be cancelled and you cannot be a priority customer after that.

For fullsuits and items over 500 euros

payment plans are accepted  and must be detailed in contract. These plans will delay your position in the queue. The  full payment must be concluded before I ship the costume out to you. In the meantime you will receive regular updates on your costume.




Info and general conditions

ordering a fursuit
Buying a fursuit  can be done by ordering a premade costume on sale on my website, dealer's den  directly by contacting me by email for a comission.
Ordering a costume:
First, contact me by email to comission a costume, try to be as detailed as possible so that I can give you an accurate quote. I shall look at the available furs to match your design to also give you an idea how long the order will take before receiving all the necessary material. 

How long will my costume take? 
Do plan ahead
A. Remember that I not only have to make your costume but also need to find the necessary material, fur, cloth... that you desire. Depending on how difficult or easy it is to find, it will be more or less fast. I shall let you know how soon i would be receiving fur and if there are different prices to get it sent faster so that you can choose what you prefer to pay for. 
B. If your suit is not the only one I am working on I will obviously take longer in general.
C. The actual fabrication should take 2 to 3 weeks for just a head, 5 weeks for a partial (head, paws hand and feet, tail),  2 months for a whole full suit. Obviously, if the design is particularly complicated it can take longer, but I will be giving you those details before signing a contract. The number of clients I have will be taken into account to for your contract.
So all I can advise is to plan large with a margin of 5 months to 6 after signature and payment! This is a maximum taking into account any risk of delay of shipping, equipment failure, health or desired materials out of stock.

Copyright issues: 

NOTE that I will NOT make any existing characters whose copyright , trademark, you do not own. I may have some known characters on my website but it is only to show my own cosplay that I made for my own personal use.
The costume you commission, is entirely your design and so yours through and through once it is received. I may not recreate an identical one in any case. I only retain the credit as the manual artist. In case of a cancellation after i have started working on it, i reserve the right to modify it a bit to make it my own so that I can try to sell it as a pre-made.
The costume you commission is based on one of my own designs, i shall still retain all the manual credit but we shall be joint copyright owners and I may use my base design in other costumes but not any of your own personal adjustments to that same base.
However , I MAY use any pictures or videos i  have of your costume to help my business (website, cards, social network)  and my portfolio only. I can refrain from doing so for a year from when you receive the costume, if you want it to be a surprise for a specific date. . Just warn me in advance as I sometimes like to post pictures to show what I am working on mentioning (if authorized) you as the future owner . I would also welcome happily any of your own pictures of it afterwards to help my business (and just to see you enjoying it!)
If you do not adhere to this and do not want me to ever use footage of your costume.  I shall have to charge a 5% of final price "privacy fee"   guaranteeing that I will not use it in my portfolio or to promote my business. If you do pay this and then cancel, this shall also be refunded.




I shall send 2 copies of a signed contract with the details specific to your costume and the general details here on this page. Please read through it carefully before signing and returning one copy to me.  At least 30% of final price will need to be payed within a week ( detailed in contract if longer) as well to secure the commission. 
Payment planning must be discussed before and included in contract. Whether you wish to pay directly and if I can start directly. If I have too many customers, we shall agree on a time slot for you.
Payments can be made through paypal, or bank transfers.  Paypal is preferred so as to be covered by their protection in case of issues. 
NOTE: this 30% is absolutely non refundable,  as it helps to cover any expense for  the time I have already spent on your suit ( design, quote, research...)
If you want me to start as soon as possible (and if i can) you can pay the full amount directly. Once I have received both your signature and the full payment I shall start working on your costume and ordering anything we might need for it or on the date established.
Otherwise, for fullsuits payment possibilities are available for 10 months. I will only start ordering materials and working on your costume once i have received the deposit and the first payment, but we can plan together dates for several payments , per week or per month.  I will keep your project and your quote set during this time, ready to be started on the planned date. We can make the most of discussing a few details too.
Obviously if you stop all payments and do not warn or contact me, I shall keep ALL payments already made.
If you have problems paying, TALK to me. I can understand that, and we can maybe work something out  together to lengthen waiting time. Or delay an individual payment date. The time allowance will depend on how well we communicate in a clear and orderly fashion and what other commissions I am working on... 
But do remember, if you really have to completely cancel payments, i cannot refund your 30% deposit but I can refund certain other payments depending on how advanced the work is. There will be certain checkpoints detailed.



I shall keep a trace of all the messages we shall exchange to ensure that I have a reference sheet up to date with all your requests. If, however there is something that is not right because I have made a mistake, the fixing shall be done free of charge, this would have to be within the the first 2 months.


Repairs are guaranteed for up to 1 year


Animal friendly:
 I do not use any natural animal parts. All the fur is synthetic, and all the teeth, nose, tongue, eyes, claws, all of it.... are all artificial materials.


Allergy WARNING: 
Please do not order if you have allergies to animal fur, I do have several pets around, I have a cat, and my parents' dog is around sometimes , I also have  pet rodents again. Though I do not let them come into direct contact with the materials and costumes, as any pet owner would know, fur gets absolutely everywhere! It floats around in the air around us and is on our clothes so it can be a risk for you if you are highly allergic.


My protection: 
It is your responsability to decide whether to order or not, I cannot be held responsible for any damage or injury , allergic or other. Remember these costumes are in synthetic fur and your head is entirely enclosed by the mask. There are  risks such as overheating/ ventilation (especially  in hot weather) , wearing the costume too long, reduced visibility, confined area can be a risk for asthmatic or claustrophobic and allergic people.. etc  It is your responsability to take this into account and take the necessary precautions. Remember, you should be accompagnied by someone who can keep an eye on your safety too as your hearing and visibility are reduced. 

Price shall be included in the final quote.  Note: any custom duties or taxes are not included in the price, you must make sure that you find out what your country charges if they do and if they delay the shipping. 

Modifications Cancellation and Refunds
I shall send messages and pictures to let you know how the costume is getting on. 
I will not make any modifications that makes me undo any perfectly valid work already done. However if you do have new ideas, or a last minute change, though i cannot guarantee the possibility , I will do my utmost to satisfy your requests.
If work has not been started  or barely, I shall keep the base 30% but refund all the rest.
If work has started  a refund of at least 50 % may be applicable. but for the remaining 20% the amount shall vary depending on what has been spent for the materials and more importantly how near to completion the costume is and work hours spent. 
I will send emails to warn you of upcoming time limits.
In all cases of a cancellation, I shall keep all the material bought, the costume that has been started and I shall reserve the right to finish it if I wish and sell it. If the design is all yours , I shall modify it a bit to make it my own. 
"privacy fee" shall be refunded.
The “speed fee” shall only be refunded if I haven’t started work.  Otherwise I shall keep it. This is for the extra effort I made to work fast  and longer hours on your costume and the inconvenience to others that had to wait longer because you paid to be a priority over them.
Extras:Deadline  and rush order fee: “Speed fee”: 15% off final price to put your costume to the top of the list if there are other people waiting for a suit and  to spend more time per day on your costume to finish it faster.

“Privacy fee”: In the copyright chapter I claim the right to use any footage of all costumes as publicity for my business. If you do not adhere to this and do not want me to ever use footage of your costume  I shall have to charge a 5% of final price "privacy fee"   guaranteeing that I will not use it in my portfolio or to promote my business. If you do pay this and then cancel, this shall be refunded.



Communication is key. I consider myself a fairly easy going ameanable person and will do my best to find a solution for any issue, as long as it is properly discussed and within reason ( no, uncommunicated payment delays, or excessive delays or constantly repeated delays)

If we come to a roadblock( silence, excessive requests or delays)  will send out 3 final warning messages stating that i will cancel the order  if it continues and detailing the conditions.


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