Memory Mice - Caring Angels

I have started working on patterns for these Memory mice.

This is based on the already existing "Memory bears"

These are teddy bears made from the clothes of a deceased loved person. They are there to help "fill" the space bereavement creates.


This struck a chord with me as I am a very tactile person and find comfort in these sort of things.



Why mice do you ask?


Contrary to common belief, Rats and mice also have other  symbolic meaning apart from being classified as vermin. As well as links to  intelligence, money, tooth fairy ...etc some folklore see a mouse as carrying off the spirit of the lately departed.

Some see that as negative, a premonition of death or as robbing people of their life, and some see it as a small companion coming to help the new spirit into the unknown.

This is the image  I choose to  see and nourish, a little companion to feel less alone in this scary moment.


The concept of spirits, and the comfort that these beliefs bring  is what these memory mice are about.

By being made out of such specific clothes , these mice are extremely precious and personal items.

Do not fear, I will treat these clothes with the utmost respect and care.



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