My suits

New artist in the community , under my artist name

 Firestormwing, Firi for short, I am ready to build this

dream project of mine as a licensed business.




Here you will find my new fursuits, styles are still not

established as i am still experimenting which direction

i will be taking whether it be  toony, realistic or semi




Yet a young business,  I am game to try new ideas.


If you have an idea in mind let me know and we can work

on it together.


See my own fursona fullsuit FIRI ( see right) and at the

 end of the page.   ( first ever fullsuit made).







Latest commissions


My older suits pre-business

TALAK                                                                                           RUFI

The Fur Your Spirit Family

My first commission summer 2022: Dexter

PINIE winter 2022

ERFORF spring 2023

Rocky the Parrot

DRAKO summer 2023

Dexter returns!! for the rest summer 2023


Meet Firi, my fursona

Firi upgrade, new horns and wings added