Current side creations

Linked to the fursuit making i also like to make accessories such as plush props for fursuiters, ranging from themes or for species.







Here are my other older creations

Here are a mix of my creations before getting fully into fursuits.

My journey towards an independant business venture started with my Menagerie of Felt Enchantments , my little mice. Whilst the project is no longer currently active  there are still many christmas and halloween ones remaining. Having had rats I could not resist moving towards ratty designs which i adapted to a print on demand venture Rats And Tails Spree.

After having lost several members of my family in a short period of time I  also have a keen interest in the memory bear idea to help bring physical comfort in that moment of loss, though i chose the form of a mouse.





Menagerie of Felt Enchantments
( M.F.E.)

To brighten your day,and to have that small companion by your side, that is why i love rats so much.

So how could I resist making small decorations of them , or mice ( due to their more accepted name compared to rats)  for different seasonal events and special occasions.

For now this branch is not really active anymore but please check out my work and there are still many premades still available especially for halloween and christmas.







These mice can be simply stand up ones, or they can also be adapted to be clipped on shoulder.

I make sewn mice and needlefelted too.




Rats And Tails Spree

Not the traditional dog or cat lover?

Do you tend to like things/ animals that are not so common?

I personally have rats and that comes with all the prejudice against rats and just simple lack of knowledge of these pets.

And before you shriek and run away ^^ , yes they are very good affectionate pets, and no, they are no dirtier than the average cat or dog. ( It is the same as having a rabbit or hamster)







To help promote these cuties, i have set up a print on demand shop with my own drawn designs printed on clothing and accessories such as hoodies, t-shirts, mugs, cushions....






Memory Mice
Caring Angels

This is a more sensitive area as these mice are made to help those who have suffered a bereavement, recently or not.

The loss of someone dear is a terrible burden that weighs us down long after.

Are you the sort of person who feels the physical absence, who suffers from not being able to hug, touch or speak to their loved one?

I am. And this is why I have created the Memory Mice.







These Mice are made from clothes that you provide so that you can have a mouse made with the clothes of the lost loved person/s. This allows you to have a physical item to represent the person you miss so much. Being a soft toy holding and hugging it can bring extra comfort.


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