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This website is in english but I also speak french and italian.


Un site en plusieurs langues fut trop difficile mais je parle anglais , français  et je me débrouille en italien, donc n'hésitez pas à me contacter pour un échange / devis/ contrat  dans ces langues si besoin!! 


Un sito in diverse lingue è troppo difficile da mantenere ma parlo Inglese, Frances e più o meno l'Italiano  quindi non esitate a contattarmi per uno scambio / preventivo / contratto in queste lingue !!

Welcome to the furry world


Remember the Redwall  books, Beatrix Potter ?The Rats of Nihm,  seen the cartoons Robin Hood or Basil mouse dective, Stuart Little? read Little Grey Rabbit or seen Dark Natasha's art? and obviously disney.... And many more...There are so many anthropomorphic characters around us as we grow up. So why should we lose that spirit as we grow up?



This is what the people of the furry fandom community

have decided to keep.  These are people who have grown up

maintaining their childlike soul  and playful side, who love magic,

fantasy  and/or people who love anthropomorphic art, fantasy

anthropomorphic art and/or people who find that fursuits help

to feel more comfortable around others, having  social timidity

 or self identity issues  ( ie non out LBGT, but not only! ) can be

more comfortable in suit. 

Fursuiting allows you a bit more freedom to be fun and silly

if you are not quite sure of yourself, or lets you feel less timid. 

For some, they feel their emotions like an inner animal and

feel a more spiritual link to some animal, real or  fantasy. 



Made of faux fur, these very specialised costumes can be full head to toe, or only what is called partials: only the head , paws and tails and maybe feet.








           However quick warning: for those thinking of getting a quick cool fun costume for their kid for halloween or carnival day, this is not for you.  I mean you are very  welcome to inquire and maybe i could make a suit for your child, but it would not be "quick" and certainly not "cheap" which is really the main problem because children quickly outgrow clothes and costumes.  An adult fursuit can take 70 to 100 hours of work if not even more for really difficult designs so the cost would not be worth the time a child would get use out of it.

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